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Pretty Cool Day today, Slept pretty good and woke up pretty slept, Came to first period, got kicked out by Mr. Gam because the day before I cussed at him and left the class for no reason. I went to the couselors office and she gave me this big speech about respecting teachers.


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Sunday, July 06, 2003

YOoOo BloGgEr... WaZaAaa Been a while since i write in this shit.... so yeah schools out... graduated on stage and all that good stuff and just chilling at home talking to my special someone... well today i woke up rode around in my bike and did some stuff and then went to ryans house.. we played grand theft auto then i came home and ate a shrimp coctail and i talked to my michelle for a bit.. then my sis took me to the mall and i bought some converse black and white shiny ones.. 65 bucks and some pumas red and black.. then we looked around the mall for a bit and went to circuit city and my sis bought a cd player ... later we went out to eat chinease food and we brought some home for our parents.. i had spice orange chicken and beef and brocoli and that other crap that comes with it... well at home i talked to michelle some more... shes soo cool.. um i played aom for a bit and drank a lot of water cause im still sick and crap.. so yeah thats my day adios..

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