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Pretty Cool Day today, Slept pretty good and woke up pretty slept, Came to first period, got kicked out by Mr. Gam because the day before I cussed at him and left the class for no reason. I went to the couselors office and she gave me this big speech about respecting teachers.


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Monday, June 09, 2003

This blogs deticated for my son josh... Told you ill write in here today.... well today sunday... jeisson called in the morning like 11 30 am... little bastard... he told me we had a basketball tournament.. so i woke up and showered and crap... and got ready.. talked to michelle for a bit... damn shes soo cool... then around 1 50 jeisson came... it was me josh and jeisson and on the way to santa monica we saw shaq driving a harley davison... hahaha well we got to the tournament and.. chilled.... waitied for like 30 min for everyone to get there.... and we won the tournament and fucked everyone up and won 600 bucks hahaha im jk the tournament continues next sunday.. and the winner gets 600 bucks.... we better win... well after the tournament we went to some park in santa monica... we played 5 on 5's and won 3 games.... and we lost the last one cause we fucked tired...we left and drove back home and stupid josh was making signs saying "you're hot" and he was showing them to people in other cars hahaha stupid josh...went to my house... and played counter strike but we took turns on my comp so we like fuck it lets go to Players lounge 2.... so we did and we went there and ofcourse i fucked everyone up.... and bitch knifed me tho... lol and the worker was saying who ever knifes faded gets 30 min free lol.... its like a big thing to knife me cause im the best player there if u didnt know already lol.... then we whent to the monroe carnival.. walked around and finally we made up our minds about going on this one crazy side... which spins and ur in this little tea cup kind of thing and u can spin it with your own strengh.... so we scavaged for money and finally got the 4.50 we needed to buy 6 tickets to go on the ride... lol well we got our tickets and went on the ride... fuck the ride was crazy it was small but it was the craziest one there... omg dude me jeisson and josh fit in this one little cup thing and we spinned the fuck out of it... its been like 4 hours later and i am still dizzy i soo serious... well we spinned the shit out of it and jeisson was cramping and i felt like vomiting and josh was just josh lol ... we just spinned and spinned omg i felt like my stomach was gona pop and my head was gona pop and my back was gona crack hahaha it was soo crazy.... when that shit was over everyone was staring at us all funny and shit lol... fuck i felt sooo sick... jeisson couldnt drive for like an hour. so we just sat down and felt like shit... finally it was getting late so we drove home and jeisson was driving like shit and my house was a block away so as soon as we got there i jumped out and layed on the grass and josh was laying on the side walk and jeisson was just sitting there all wacked up..they tried to make me dizzy but i was threating them i would beat there asses hahahaha so they didnt so then they left and i came home and ate a burrito then my dad took me to the store to get milk and i bought milk and muffins so i came home and had another burrito and a muffin and 2 sodas hahaha it kind of helped the dizzy ness go away but i still feel like shit... damn i gotta get to bed i feel so fucked up like i drank all the beer in the world... lol ok then good night..

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