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Pretty Cool Day today, Slept pretty good and woke up pretty slept, Came to first period, got kicked out by Mr. Gam because the day before I cussed at him and left the class for no reason. I went to the couselors office and she gave me this big speech about respecting teachers.


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Friday, May 30, 2003 woke up early ass hell to go to school cause my sis was gona drop me off....we had a shorten day but it was normal classes.... we had a grip of work to do since we havent been doing shit the last 2 weeks.....gambled in 2nd period.. for lunch tickets i won all of them hahaha then at lunch i was going to internships but then ani and kim are like fuck it we wana go home so they just dropped me off at home... came home ate 2 burritos from costco good ass fuck... i was gona go to pl2 and i called ryan and he said if i wanted to go with him to drop off some job applications so im like fine... we drove all the way to kennedy highschool to vons and some video store... he rented the recruit.. then we went to pl2 and played for like 40 min.... i got 100 kills in awp map and like 25 deaths..then after we went to monroe to pick up jeisson but that foo wasnt there cause i was kind of late lol.... ryan dropped me off at home and my sis said jeisson been coming by but i aint home lol.... then he called and finally he came over when i was home.....we ate burittos and waited for chris.. then chris came and ate a burrito and then we went to monroe to watch the baseball game real quick... it was gay... we drove to ucla to go play basketball.... we played a bunch of games... it was fun i got pretty fucked up.... i got elbowed in the eye and smacked in the still alive...later chris's brother gave chris his lunch pass so we can go eat and he can swipe us in... we got lost triying to get to the cafeteria.... finally we got there and pigged our asses off.... i had 2 cheeseburgers... 3 pizzas... chicken... egg... 4 sodas.... carrot cake... ice cream .... jello... grilled cheese sandwich... and some cereal..i was stuffed... we drove back to the valley crazy style cutting through traffic and shit.... and chris just dropped me off..... now im sitting here ready for tomorrow cause im going to six flags...

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Wensday... Guess my day wasnt over.... i went to monroe to go play ball with ryan mike and daniel... we played 2vs2 me ryan vs dan and mike and ryan and mike went at it like crazy.. and me and ryan barely won so ryan had bragging rights... we won both games.... hahaha mike was sooo pissed off he wouldnt even talk to ryan...well after playing dan dropped me off and i took a shower and got dressed and dan came by and picked me up... we went to jamba juice and starbucks... i got a frap and a jamba juice.... he dropped me off.. and now im home full of liquids... haha i got piss lates...

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Wensday.. Today was that senior mystery trip crap... i aint into school activites so i stayed home and slept in.. around 8 am.. fucking jay calls me and asks if they can come over cause they aint going on the trip either.. im like no fuck u im sleeping... so then like 10 min later chris calls and says lets go to the beach... so im like nah im sleeping and he insist so fine... they came over and i gave them shorts and we went to zuma beach... it was cold ass fuck again... we still went swimming... we played football.. me jay and chris vs arthur minus and ashot... we beat them 5 to 3 hahaha i scored 3 TD's... we swam and buggy boarded and stuff... then came back to the valley and ate.. and then went to jiros house and played ping pong i beat everyone except minus little fucker is good... but i didnt play mr yuhan... after minus dropped me off then me and jay went to school cause i had 7th per and he was gona take the late bus... then i came home and now im laying down tired as hell...

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Monday, May 26, 2003

Last Few Days Been doing All this Prom crap........ But nows its over so... No I aint telling You ABout prom... Whatever happened at Prom Stays At prom..... Dont worry Im still A Virgin... hahah o well... The After prom parties where pretty dope...

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