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Pretty Cool Day today, Slept pretty good and woke up pretty slept, Came to first period, got kicked out by Mr. Gam because the day before I cussed at him and left the class for no reason. I went to the couselors office and she gave me this big speech about respecting teachers.


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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Wensday......... Today woke up at 7 30... walked to the library to meet my friend circe... found her... we walked around and talked... she dropped me off home... and i came home and nobody was home to take me to internships... so i went to sleep.... then around 10 30 my mom came but i told her i wasnt gona go to internships so i went back to sleep... around 12:00 nick calls and tells me to wait outside for a sec he was gona pass by... so i went outside half asleep and i layed on the grass and slept for like 10 min he didnt come and finally i hear them all come... they where suppose to be in six flags... but something happened so they didnt go... they came in and we went swimming.... i jumped off the roof of my house which was bad ass ..... it was crazy cause i almost didnt make it hahaha ... well after we whent to in n out and then the wok... then me john nick and david went to big 5 and some other store to try and buy sun glasses and then i came home and they went swimming again and then enoch and sam and josen and duk came by.... some of them went swimming again.. after i kicked them out... and i went back to sleep... then mike called and he came over and we made a cd... and played some ball... then he left.. and i just chatted online.. and now im tired of it.... im going to sleep now... good night..

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Tuesday.... Woke up around 8:00.... no school cause we made a deal with mrs gephart that if we went to internships we didnt have to go to school.... so at 8:01 ani came and picked me up... i was in the shower so she waited a long time outside with kim to pick me up.... finally got done around 8 20 from dressing and stuff... i took my time drinking my strawberry shake the maid lady made... finally got in the car and ani and kim where pissed hahaha we whent to internships but there was a grip of traffic on the 405... we got to internships late ass hell... we interned and crap and took a break around 10 and we saw allen waiting for jeisson and mary to get to there so they can go to their internships... allen was pist hahahah so then finally jeiss and mary got there and we got hots dogs and went back to interning.... stayed at internships till 12 and then we came home... they dropped me off and i got home and jeisson and heidi came by and we went to vons to buy food cause we were going to the beach... we bought stuff to make sandwiches and sodas.. got home and brian jose nancy julie maryella her bf and her bfs friend were in my house .... we all went to the beach in 3 cars... I rode with jeisson and we got there first and then maryella and then like 1 hour later brians car got there all late cause jeisson gave them wrong directions hahaha.. the water was freezing and it took us forever to get int here we made sand castles and stuff but finally we all went inside cept heidi and mary's bf and his friend... we went far ass hell into the water just swimming around and triying to buggy board... we burried heidi into the ground... but then she got out and then we burried jose menchaca into the ground and he couldnt get out... he was all stuck and we where messing with him but we finally let him out.... we ate and messed around... and then jose and brian got bread and put it all over jeissons car so the birds could go eat it and shit on it but the birds didnt.... we went back home and on way there... we where driving in malibu on PCH.... and some actor guy was being filmed next to us in a car... and chris padgett pulls down his pants and moons the camera.... hahaahaha they were filimg his ass and they even turned the camera to see his ass... we where all cheering and stuff...hahaha it was hilarious... we came home around 6 and my mom took my to my sushi class cause i signed up for a class to learn how to make sushi and sashimi and all that good japanese food.... next week is gona be the fun stuff tho... came home and came online and circe called me cause we gona chill tomorrow morning... she rarely calls cause she dont like talking on the phone so i was all surprised.... lol so thats about it.... and its barely 9 oOOOoo and NIck Dio called he said he passed his driving test and got his license!!!! OO GOod shit nick Dio!!!! Thats my Son!!! hahahah well thats all folks

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Monday.... may 19 went to school... got screamed at by my counselor cause i come late everyday and i have over 20 absences and all this crap so she made me get all this shit signed from my teachers..... and then i threw it away and told her i didnt give a fuck if i didnt graduate on stage.... and just walked out.... so i dont really care whats gona happen with that crap.. i went to internships at the court house... came home and dan came by... we went to the bank... then to cold stones to get some ice cream... then after we went to mike and ryans house and made fun of ryan as usual.... but this time we went too far and we almost made ryan cry hahaha.. later i came home and tried to take a nap but then jeisson called... he wanted to go get our tuxes for prom... so he came by and picked me up and we went to the san fernando mall and walked around a bunch of different tux shops looking for the best price... finally we found one where the owner would give us any freaking suit for what we wanted... so me and jeisson picked some bomb ass tuxes the most expensive ones there and got the price lowered to 70 bucks....we where so happy with our tuxes... after we went to pick up jeissons dad at some school... and we waited there for an hour... we bought boba while waiting... then we picked him up and jeisson dropped me off at my house... i came online and just chilled... and made fun of nick cause he didnt get his license.... o and we also planned out of beach trip we where having the next day....

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Monday, May 19, 2003

Sunday.................. woke up around 11am cause my mom made breakfast... she made 3 eggs for me....then i came on my comp and played some music and ryan and mike called cause we where gona play ball... i asked josh if he wanted to come and he said ok but he was gona get some burgers at carls jr then he will stop by..... he came and brought 4 burgers and fries 2 burgers for me 2 for him... i ate one burger and josh ate 2 burgers.... i saved one of my burgers... mike and ryan came and picked us up and we whent to reseda park... we played like 6 games we won like 4 and lost 2... only cause there was 2 many black guys playing.... after the game we came home and we went swimming in my house... we had a swimming contest... and i beat ryan hahahaha.... ryan suckS!!!... cause b4 ryan beat me and now i wooped him twice in a row..... we where playing chicken fights me and mike vs josh and ryan... me and mike fucked them up lol.... after swimming we where hungry so we whent to jack in the box and i had 2 burgers... from there we went to pl2... we played cs for an hour.... then back to my house... mike and ryan went home and josh stayed... we played this game which is crazy ass hell it took me forever to beat it we played this game for like 3 hours straight... we made sandwiches and had cheesecake and watched some tv.... and at 11:50 josh's bro came and picked him up... and now im about to go to sleep.... cause i got gay school... good night..

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Sunday, May 18, 2003

Friday I did alot.... went to school took a bunch of test.... finally went to internships.... came home slept for an hour.. then josen called if i wanted to go to some girls party... we werent invited but we invited ourselves... hahaah well david and john where invited but me nick josen and jeisson werent but we still went.... the party was in valencia and we got lost.... it was me josen, nick, david, john paul, and jeisson all packed in josens montero... we got to the party and we didnt know anyone hahah but the girls mom was like ooo welcome welcome cause it was a surprise party the girl wasnt their yet lol... dude her mom was fucking hot. and her sister was even hotter.... lol well then the girl got there and we sang happy birthday to her and we ate cake and food and filled ourselves up and then we whent home after eating..... we dropped of misty... then rhoda called if we wanted to chill cause she just got out of prom... she was with her date in a mustang convertable.. and we where driving to all these diff places we wanted to go but we never ended up going... we whent crusing down venture better... and in a stop light i jumped out of josens car and jumped into the mustang converatable... we whent to dennis but we had already ate so we left rhoda and her date alot and we left to josens house... it was me nick josen and john paul left.... we slept over josens house.... we had some smirnoff ice all of us so we slept all drunk lol... i was soo thirsty they had no soda so i just drank the smirnoff.... well we woke up around 10 am and josen made breakfast... pancakes eggs and sauseges... then my mom picked me and john paul up and we dropped off john then i finally got home and showered... and then ryan and mike came over and we chilled around for a bit then we whent to pl2..... for 2 hours we played then back to my house and we played some more cs... and we watched the kings game and ate ice cream and chilled here until midnight... then ryan and mike left and now im here writing this..... well good night

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