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Pretty Cool Day today, Slept pretty good and woke up pretty slept, Came to first period, got kicked out by Mr. Gam because the day before I cussed at him and left the class for no reason. I went to the couselors office and she gave me this big speech about respecting teachers.


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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Thursday.... Today was Fun!! Well Came late to first period again......................FUCk i have way 2 many tardies and absences but i still fuck around... ANd i still Got A's and B's in all my classes lol.... First period finished up a test and an essay... 2nd period... I tutored In bingo.... But i let the kids cheat....Nutrition... We where gona go Ditch again cause it was boring and then i said lets go watch matrix... So we are like hell yeah... First we whent to my house and made sandwitches and filled ourselves up so we dont spend money at the movies... We whent to the plant and bought tickets for matrix in spanish subtittles hahaha which started at 11 am. I bought a large soda and we all drank out of it and got refills hahahah we so cheap... DAMN MATRIX WAS SOOOO BAD ASS... BUt the ending To be continued... I was soo mad i payed for the full movie not half damn fuckers... well then we drove back to school and when we got to school there was like 20 cop cars and like 3 fire trucks and 2 helicopters in the front... we where like wtf!!!!! And i was like ooo shit they shot up the school and we didnt goooo hell yeah we got saved hahahaha but then we drove through the back of school and got in...but they didnt wana let us in school but i made them bitches lol.. some people told me there was a shooting and all this stuff... i chilled in mrs uphoffs class... until the bell rang and then me jeisson heidi julie and cynthia where gona go to my house to chil... and they didnt let me and cynthia out so we had to get some passes cause we didnt have ID's.. finally they let us out and we where walking to my house.... Outside of the school there was like cameras and different channels there and me and jeisson kept walking infront of the camera to try and get in the picture hahahaha we came out alot in the backround.... my friend kim picked us up and took us to my house and dropped us off.. me jeisson cynthi heidi julie and kim all fit in kims car hahaha we drove around asking people if they wanted a ride lol... well we went to my house and jeisson played counter strike and me and heidi played chess.... then cynthia had to leave so i dropped her off at school... then the laker game started and we ordered pizza and the fucking lakers lost.... We were sooo pissed............... OMG.... But whatever GOOOO MAVERICKS!!!..... hahahah well jeisson and heidi walked home....and juliee walked home 2.... but i rode my bike with them until i got to nordhoff and then i saw some dude triying to fix his car in the middle of the street... but the car wouldnt turn on so i got off my bike and helped him push it to the curve... then i rode my bike home and now im here... and i just whent outside to see the lunar eclipse..... well thats what i did today and my day aint over its barely 9 pm ----- BreAKinG nEwS i just found out..... I found out that the guy who got shot at school today got shot at the same spot and same time as where i would be.... but since i ditched today to see the matrix i wasnt at that spot.... So thanks to the matrix im alive....

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

TOday Wensday... 5/14/03 came late to first period again and took a test... we had to write an essay about othello and all this crap... 2nd period i just worked on the puzzle.... 3rd period i did work..4th period more work... then at lunch i came home and ate and was ready to go 7th period but i whent to check if dan was home... cause i forgot to go see him yesterday when he got home from boston... Dan came over and we chilled for a bit then we whent to the mall.... he saw some of his friends up there... later we whent to cicuit city and after to claim jumpers... we had a grip of nachos and soda... i had like 5 cups of sprite... later we whent to go play ball with mike and ryan and we picked up mike and whent to monroe.... then ryan showed up later.. we got some fun 5 on 5 games.... then we came home and i downloaded this game americas army its made by the army but its not as good as counter strike... been playing that for a while... and now im writing this..... well that was my day... good night

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Yesterday i didnt write in my blog cause i was 2 tired and fell asleep.... So first ill write what i did yesterday... 5/13/03 i whent to school then ditched 3rd period and me john marduk garth josen nick jimmy went to marduks house to play basketball... so we where all dunking on his court cause u can lower it.. i hurt my wrist alot but it was a lot of fun.. we drank sodas and some of them whent to carls jr to eat but i stayed and played ball with john... got to school for 4th period and it sucked so then at lunch i whent home and chilled at my house i think i slept for like 2 hours then i got dressed cause we where gona go play ball at monroe and josh was coming down.... So we whent to monroe and played ball.... josh brought his dads car so after ball we whent to my house and we played cs for a while and i took a shower then we whent to joshs house to watch the laker game and we played quake 3 on his comp lol me jeisson and josh...... later we whent to carls jr and bought a bunch of burgers and then to El Super to buy soda...we watched the lakers damn we where soo pist stupid horry sucks!!! after that joshs dad dropped us off and then i whent to sleep..... well this was tuesday...

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Monday, May 12, 2003

Sunday... Woke up kinda late like at 12:00woke up and got ready really quick cause i had a basketball tournament my friend scott wanted me to play in.. it was at el camino real highschool... well we dominated the tournament cause i scored 28 points off pure rebounds and layups hehehe the 28 points where for michelle i told her id score atleast 20 points for her hehehe so theres your 28 points and 16 rebounds for you michelle.... i got home and took a shower and ate a grip of ice cream.. andrew called and i whent over his house.. we chilled at his house .. we made sandwiches... i made some 6 layer sandwich with turkey ham and cheeses and bunch of other crap lol... later we came to my house and watched the laker game and they won woohoo... we burned some music and chilled a little... mike and ryan called and they came and picked us up to go to pl2... we whent to pl2 and played for 2 hours.. me and ryan played andrew and mike 2vs2 and we fucked them up lol.. we came home and chilled in the front of andrews house.. we drank a grip of sodas and joked around about sex and women... it was hilarious.. andrews new neighbor came by and said hi and dude his wife was sooo hot... damn we where checking her out the whole time... we chilled around and cracked jokes and rode bikes around the front... the music was blasting and we where all drunk on soda and shit lol... then around 9:30 mike and ryan had to go home.. so then me and andrew whent to vons in my bike.. he stole a mothers day card at vons hahahaha and then we whent to ares pizza across the street we had a slice of pizza each and sodas... but b4 we got our pizza we whent and smoked some ganja out on the street next to woodley and some faggot red bmw saw us and starts honking and flashing his lights as he drove by damn what an asshole he wanted to get us caught... we whent back inside and ate our pizza damn it was good then we came back home in my bike him riding on the pegs and he whent into someones garden and stole a rose for his mom... some lady across the street saw him and said hey what are you doing and andrew said im getting a flower for my mom hahhahaa so he gave his mom the stuff and she was all happy but his dad was all mad he said i gave u 70 bucks to buy her something and u buy her a card lol when he said buy i was laughing my ass off lol his mom took us to hollywood video to rent a video game and we rented Barbarian and some other gay one we had to take back cause it was for x box and not ps2 lol we rented mr deeds better... it was like 10:00 and we played barbarian for a while then i came home around 10:30 and had a nice talk with circe.. hehehe and chelli made a blogg just like mines she writes more than me so u can check it out her life is much more interesting... check it out well im off to bed good night

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