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Pretty Cool Day today, Slept pretty good and woke up pretty slept, Came to first period, got kicked out by Mr. Gam because the day before I cussed at him and left the class for no reason. I went to the couselors office and she gave me this big speech about respecting teachers.


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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Saturday... May 10th, Well im sitting at my computer chatting just thinking of my day.... In the morning i got all clean and dressed cause today was going to be pretty cool, mom made me breakfast.. eggs and ham.... then she dropped me off at the library where i was going to meet circe.. she was sitting on a bench waiting and i stood for a second and admired her lol.. then i said hello..... well we whent in the library and she printed something out and then we looked for catcher in the rye which took us like 10 min to find lol we kept asking diff people and they sent us to different directions lol but finally i found it yay.... so then after the library she had to go do her interview with a taylor... we whent to some taylor shop on sepulveda she asked her questions and then we left... we got some starbucks... and then we whent to marshalls to try and buy some mothers day gifts... we didnt find any and she had to go home so she dropped me off a john pauls house cause john was having a party.... i got there and garth and murduk where there... we ate alot of chinease food they had and played ps2 i wooped them all in dynasty warriors 4 and its an asian game but i wooped them hahahaha i own.... then nick and david came and we did kareoki for a while we sang a bunch of songs lol.... i sucked but damn nick is real good... then my parents came and picked me up cause it was mothers day and we had to go get my granma and aunt cause my uncle was having surgery and usc medical center... we whent to usc medical crap and whent to say hi to my uncle and then took my aunt and granma out to eat sushi... i had sashimi and tempura... shit was great and then i had some green tea ice cream... after that we bought some mochi balls and green tea ice cream which im about to eat right now lol... after that we dropped off my aunt and granma and we drove home and i got into an argument with my mom dad and sister... i told them that my salvi friends didnt have to go be with there moms on mothers day and my mom said that today is not mothers day for salvies and i told her it was because circe told me and then my dad and sister said it wasnt so i got in a big argument with them cause all 3 of them teamed up on me.... so i came home came online and printed some shit out on salvador and i proved it to them that it was mothers day and i threw it in there faces and they still didnt believe me so they called there salvi friend and asked her and she said yeah today is mothers day and im like oooo u fucking idiots... and i socked the wall fucking hard ass hell and walked out the room... so now im like super pissed at them and i dont care they dont fase me.... lol crazy day today ehhh from goood to bad... but now im good again im always good lol well good night cause im getting some green tea ice cream....

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Friday... may 9 today came late again to 1st period dude i havent been early there since like march 17 hahah well first period we watched a movie and mr gam was passing back papers and he threw chris his test paper and chris is like ok......... and mr gam goes what! and chris says what a jerk... and then mr gam sayd FUCK YOU and im like wtf... and mr gam was just staring at chris looking like he wanted to cry and chris is like whatever.... so then 2nd period we had a sub and thats the class i TA for algebra so i took the test for the whole class and gave them all the answers hahaha im going to get in trouble since they all gona have perfects lol... 3rd period we drew some dot figures crap boring... 4th period we had another sub and we had a test too... but i didnt have any notes so i just took it like whatever i didnt wana even try... at lunch enoch gave me a burger for free hahaha good shit enoch.. then my dad came and picked me up and came home and ate and then whent to ryans house and watched some tv and played ps2... i kinda fell asleep at ryans for like 30 min i was so tired... i came home and got dressed cause we where gona go play ball at monroe.... whent with my bike to pick up ryan and we whent to monroe... we got there nobody was there so we just played by ourserlfes then everyone came... alex, jeisson, john paul, jarron, eugene, and mikel came by later so we all had a 4vs4 and we won the series best out of 3 haha then we played for a dollar each and we won again it was me jarron and mikel vs alex eugene and jeisson.. after the game me jeisson mike and ryan all whent to my house we played counter strike until the laker game came on and we watched the game and we where all going crazy cause the game was tight.. i made them some barbecue shishco bobs whatever the shits called meat on a stick hahaha.... well the game ended and we where still playing counter strike and chilling here... then it was like 11 pm and jeisson had to go home cause his mom was pist and she wasnt gona pick him up so he had to walk all the way home hahaha i gave him a bag of cookies so he can eat them on the way there lol... then mike and ryan left .... so im home alone since everyone went to the movies and now im just sitting here alone... OOooo and i got a letter saying that im uneligible cause i got 22 absences hahahah like i give a fuck... um so that was my day....

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Thursday, May 08, 2003

Today Thursday... May 8, 2003 Ummm Came late to class again 1st period read Shakespeares Othello and I got the Girls Part Emilia and i Get killed by Iago hahaha 2nd period Mrs Turner bought a new Puzzle so i was just sitting there and doing the puzzle... 3rd period got in trouble and Mrs Uphoff made me sit in the front next to a hot chick so i was cool with it lol... 4th period worked in groups Josen brought me Burgers... No internships cause Ani Dont have a Car anymore So I Chilled with the Hommies Finally since Im never there at lunch.. Then called my dad and he picked me up came home and tried to beat Dynasty Warriors but i couldnt.... then i went to the liquor store and starbucks i bought a bunch of munchies and a caramel frap... whent to 7th period took the test again and i didnt pass it... i was soo pissed... i need to get over an 80% but i got a 73% FUCK now i need to take it over on monday... Fuck I Sooo cheated on the test and i still didnt pass hahaha well chilled in 7th period and talked to mrs Hurvitz about her family and stuff shes a pretty cool lady even tho she didnt pass me on the test lol.... then came home and john paul and jeisson came over and said we should go play basketball at CHase park like old times... I couldnt cause my sis was going to take me to valley college to go sign up for a summer class.... but then my sis said she will drop me off the way back... So my sis took me to valley and we where making fun of the people there how weird they looked and shit haha... then she dropped me off at Chase Park and josh and vardan where there so we played a couple of 5vs5 games one game i swatted this one azn guy so bad u could hear the ball just go Wapppp! hahaha everyone was like ooo shit.. then everyone left cause we beat them and we played 21 for a quarter since i almost beat someone up for gambling haha so they didnt wana gamble 2 much....well josh jeisson and john all freaking teamed up on me but i still managed to win that shit haha i won a quarter from each of them hahaha so after we whent to joshs house and we chilled there for a while and watched the justice league.. then after john dropped me off at home...i came home around 10:30 pm and took a shower then online and i forgot to go return the videos so i rode my bike real quick to hollywood video at 11 pm to go return the ps2 games... came back home and my sis made me a hot dog... now im just online doing hw listening to music and chatting.... lates

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