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Pretty Cool Day today, Slept pretty good and woke up pretty slept, Came to first period, got kicked out by Mr. Gam because the day before I cussed at him and left the class for no reason. I went to the couselors office and she gave me this big speech about respecting teachers.


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Saturday, May 03, 2003

Today Friday May 2, 2003 today i came late ass fuck to first period and the dean gave me detention but i gave a fake last name cause the dean knows my first name.. we had a sub in first period so i didnt get mrs gam bitching today.... second period my friend Fixer got in a fight with this other gangster and fixer kicked his ass bad... i feel bad for that guy cause he was starting to get his act together... well third period i got introuble for playing cards 4th period we finished watching forrest gump.. then i went to internships with ani and kim and we messed around over there... came home around 2 30 ate... then my mom came and asked if i could go with her to go get her lights fixed from the car.... so i went with her all the way to san fernando.. while the car was being fixed we whent to go eat KFC which i hate but nothing else to eat.. we walked around stores and talked about life and crap... me and my mummy... lol well then we got back to the car and whent to costco.... we bought sushi and ate sushi and drove around ... then we came home and i watched some cartoons... then andrew called me if i wanted to go rent some ps2 games and play them... so we whent to hollywood video and nancy was working there so i made fun of her lol ... went to andrews house and played some samurai game which was tight... i was going to go to a party that our friend serg was mixing at but my mom didnt want me to go since i been with her the whole day shes like just stay and finish out the day with me... so well i stayed home and andrew went to the party... i played some video games on the comp and ate some stuff... now im here writing this and im about to go to sleep...

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Thursday May 1, 2003.. woke up showered got ready.... I came late to first period got in trouble.. School was school... we watched forrest gump in gepharts to internships with ani and kim and we stayed there for only 30 min cause i had to be home before 2:00 pm so we went home early ..they dropped me off at my house and i took a shower and got dressed... john paul was suppose to give me a ride to granada hills cause i was going to meet this cool chick named circe... that i met through my friend richard... well we went to jr high together, me and circe but i never talked to her... so john didnt come for a while so i just left with my bike and i found john and garth driving by so i put my bike in the car and first we whent to johns house which is very close to granada and dropped garth out and then john dropped by the starbucks by granada which was where i was suppose to meet circe. I rode around in my bike for a while and finally i was just 2 tired i went in to get a caramel frap and behind me in the line was circe. she was with her friends which i recognized one cause we played football together.. well we drank coffee and talked and then around 3:30 circe had to leave so then i rode my bike to johns house garth and his bro jarren where there... we played darts and ate.. and watched tv... garth john and jarrod went swimming but i didnt go cause i was 2 cold so im like fuck it... i stayed in and watched tv... i was getting pretty tired so i went home.. i rode my bike all the way from reseda and chatsworth to woodley and nordhoff hahaaah shit was crazy i went all down hill and i didnt stop for shit cause i didnt feel like peddling so i didnt put my breaks i could of died so easily if a car just backed up and i would of flew.... well i got home all tired and shit and sweaty... i took a shower.. my third shower of the day... my friend andrew came over to use my comp... to do his work.. we played ps2. he left ... i did some homework which sucked... and watch inuyasha. then i slept..

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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Sunday April 27.. Last night I went jogging around 4 am for no reason i was just bored.. I got home and took a shower and my parents were like WTF why u waking up so early and im like i havent even gone to sleep. So around 4 30 am i went to sleep and at 8 am my mom wakes me up and tells me if i want to go to mexico to go pass out gifts to kids. i kicked her out of my room and went back to sleep.. then around 9 am one of my moms workers calls and nobody was home so the guy asked me to send him an email from my moms comp im like wtf its 9 am and he said please so im like fuck man so i went to the comp and it took me like 30 min to finally fucking find the email and i sent it to him and clicked then back to my room i went and to sleep i went.... fucking phone rang like 10 times but i didnt pick that shit up for nothing hahaha then around 3 am my neighbor comes knocking on my window all exited and he tells me Del The Funky Homosapien is having a concert at CSUN for free and im like wtf so i shower in like 5 min and get dressed and my sister dropped us off at csun and we got there and some white band was playing that sucked so we walked around and there was free stuff to eat so we had some free stuff... then finally around 5 Del comes on and all the hip hop heads come to the front and kick the white boys out. Me, andrew, and some other homies were right in the front and some dudes next to us were smoking weed infront of everyone and the cops smelled it but couldnt find who it was hahaha Well Del was fucking bad ass. If you dont know who Del is.. The dude from Gorrilaz who signs "Finally, Someone let me out of my cage" hes a big cartoon guy in the video... well that foo is Del.. well Del sang a grip of songs cause we kept saying one more.. one more and hes like ok ok hahaha well at the end of the concert he went signing autographs for everyone he signed my adidas hat. Del was like the last one to leave because he signed everyone autograph until the last person thats freaking dope.. After my friends were gona go smoke weed but i didnt want to so i called my sis and she came and picked me up. She took me to Carls Jr and we ate then i got home and showered cause i was all sweaty from jumping around at the concert. And now im writing this shit 3rd day straight im on a role... lates

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Saturday April 26,,,, Ooo damn two days in a row i write in my blogg.. Today i woke up around 11:00 am cause my mom was cooking some gorditas so im like ooo shit my mom is cooking lol something must be wrong... so yeah she was cooking and i ate and damn they were good. well after everyone left cept me so i stayed home and my micheal and ryan called wanting to go to PL2 so i showered and got dressed and they came by and picked me up... we stayed at pl2 for 2 hours i played ryan and mike 2vs1 and i wooped them up.. Later we planned on going swimming at my house and we passed by andrews house and he told us to come over cause he was having a bbq so we got dressed and whent over it was like 4 pm. we got there and everyone was drinking coronas and smoking weed mike and ryan aint to that shit so they just went for the food and i wasnt gona eat cause i was gona wait for Saps party to eat.. so we chilled at the bbq couple of girls were pretty hot but they were all high and drunk so they were ugly lol then after we came back to my house and mikel and ryan were on my comp downloading porn while i took a shower and got ready.. when i came back there was like 50 porn videos on my comp hahahaha they gave me a ride to saps house got to saps house and couple of people where there all the white people but garth lol there was a lot 2 eat so i ate... um later the homies came and we danced a little and ate some more and just a regular party... garth gave me a ride home and now im here writing this lol lates

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