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Pretty Cool Day today, Slept pretty good and woke up pretty slept, Came to first period, got kicked out by Mr. Gam because the day before I cussed at him and left the class for no reason. I went to the couselors office and she gave me this big speech about respecting teachers.


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Saturday, April 26, 2003

Today Friday April 25... Well today i woke up really late around 9:00 am and i got to school late right before nutrition. I met up with Araceli so we can get our guest permit to go to prom.. then we walked around and we whent to our classes. 3rd period we had a sub and me Ashot, and Mario played cards all day. Our sub was pretty hot by the way :) Then 4th period we had a vocab test and i got none wrong. Mrs gephart lectured all day blah blah blah.. then lunch came and i went to the front of the school with kim to wait for ani to pick us up to go to internships we whent to internships and it was gay we just filed papers and crap and finally went home but ani dropped me off at PL2 and i chilled there and played for an hour. stupid jeisson jose mecaca brian and marcos where their playing the whole day hahaha them losers i went in there and rocked them all they were all mad hahaha i got them like 15 min extra to play i only had a dollar on me hahaha so i only played for an hour. After i went to minhs house right next to pl2 and i chilled there for a while. His little brother is cool we played with the basketball and he threw it in the window all hard haha well after we went back to pl2 and minh paid for me half an hour cause we where gona go play basketball later. so after we walked all the way to my house and got my bike and he rode on my begs to monroe to go play basketball we played for a while and i blocked bobby like 5 times then i played with these tall ass guys and i blocked them a couple of times 2 and won every game. after i rode home all swety and i came and took a shower my friend andrew called me if i wanted to go to a party. so yeah i got dressed and stuff and he came and picked me up. the party was packed it was in chatsworth packed with alot of white people and everyone was drinking and dancing and messing around. we had a bond fire going on and we would jump across it hahaha some foo got his shoes burnt and he stepped on the ground and got stuck cause the rubber got stuck to the ground hahahah it was hilarious i jumped across it but i got a running start and i didnt even feel it lol some chick offered me a drink and i said ok cause she was pretty lol i just took a sip and put it down and never drank again. cause that was the first time i ever drank since a year ago in cancun. I feel gay cause i drank im like soo anti drinking and shit im such a hypocrite lol o well i only took a sip well after that i just sat on the couch and watched the chicks dance then the cops came started checking ID's and made them turn the music down so me and my friend just left. and now im home and im writing this crap lol and thats it

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Field Trip... ShhhMeeell trip... Mr Gay ass Gam didnt let me go on to the field trip to the shakespeare crap but ooo well.. Today I stayed home since everyone was on the field trip i slept in till like 1 and my friend andrew came over and we smoked out for an hour cause i was home alone. We got high ass fuck and then made sandwiches. After he left my Ashot and Jiro called me to go play counter strike and then Arthur called me to go to PL2 then Minh called to go watch the volleyball game so then i figured id watch the game first then hed to pl2 and play cs. So i took a shower real quick and rode my bike to monroe and met with minh up there and we watched the game.. and i saw minus chris and jimmy up there and they said the field trip sucked and they fell asleep in the theater. So we watched the game and monroe was loosing by 2 games to 0 and they came back 2-2. They were playing kennedy and kennedy had some asian foo was bald and looked like he had cancer so i said look that foo has cancer and minus said dont make fun of number 35 cause he has cancer and everyone was like thats fucked up hahahah but everyone was cracking up. at the end of the game our team hit a ball right in the head of cancer boy and minus said nooo dont hit cancer boy hes gona die. everyone was cracking up again. Well then after i saw gaby and crystal outside and i talked to them for a while then i rode my bike to jack in the box then to pl2 and saw arthur playing but ashot and jiro had left. So me and arthur were playing and killing everyone then jeisson calls and he wanted to go play 2 so we drove down there with his little bro. and we all played for a couple of hours then arthur went to his water polo practice but that foo left and found out it was spring break so he had no practice lol well jeisson gave me a ride home i put my bike in the back of the truck. i got home and came online and now im just chilling here writing this crap... lol im gona head to bed good night

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