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Pretty Cool Day today, Slept pretty good and woke up pretty slept, Came to first period, got kicked out by Mr. Gam because the day before I cussed at him and left the class for no reason. I went to the couselors office and she gave me this big speech about respecting teachers.


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Friday, April 18, 2003

Today Was Fucking Tight. Senior Ditch Day. We whent paint ball shooting. people whent to the beach and to six flags but we whent paint ball shooting that shit was the best. First jiro came by my house in the morning at like 7:10 and woke me up lol then arthur and jeisson came by at like 7:30 and they got on my computer and started playing games. I whent to go shower and by the time i got out brian david and marcos where here. Supposely everyone was suppose to meet at dennys cept me harut david and jiro we where gona meet at my house. Then everyone just met at my house It was Me, Art, Jeisson, Jiro, David Ta, Marcos, Brian, White Jason, Graham, Eddie, Laurena And her Boyfriend, Nancy B. and the other nancy, Andres, david, Ricky and His Gf. All of us drove down to Valencia in 4 cars. And we all made it cept andres got lost for like 10 min and finally found the place. We got all our shit for 35 bucks each person and we got our own private field to play on actually 2 of them one miny one and one big one. Well we whent at it shooting each other up and shit that shit was tight. I Shot Arthur in the Ass and i lit up jeisson in his chest like 4 direct hits right to the chest hahahaha. I only hit nancy b. in the head and graham i shot him in the head like 4 times hahah ooo and jiro damn i lit him up more than jeisson in his neck and everything he says he still has pieces of paint balls stuck in his head. lol and little david he got murdered and i shot white jason in the foot and he said that shit hurt alot but i could of shot him in the head or something but i was 2 close lol well we had alot of fucking fun that shit was the best ever. Everyone ran out of paint balls and only me jeisson nancy b. marcos and brian had left and we played 2 vs 3 nancy b has guts dude she whent at it with us. first it was me and jeisson vs brian marcos and nancy and we killed them. second it was me brian and nancy vs jeisson and marcos and thats when i ran charged at jeisson from the side and lit him up with 4 shots to the chest hahaha and nancy walked behind marcos and said "hahaha" and shot marcos in the ass like 3 times hahahaha and we werent suppose to shoot anyone 10 feet from us cause we could kill them hahaha that rule was broke every round lol Well we whent home at 3 pm all bruised up and fucked up and we whent to In N out to eat and we ate a whole grip lol me arthur jeisson jiro and david ta. Then we dropped off david ta. and we whent to go play counter strike for 2 hours cause we where still in the killing mood. Brian showed up when we where playing counter strike and i thought him how to play a little. Then after we whent to my house and chilled then we whent to monroe to check the monroe idel thing but it was gay so we played ball for some hours and i won 24 bucks off jiro haha then dropped off jiro and then me and i took a hot shower and now im noticing bruises everywhere lol well thats was my day

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Monday, April 14, 2003

Well saturday april 12 was a tight ass day. I spent the whole day with my best friend andrew who i rarely see. Well around 11 am someone comes knocking on my window which is on top of my bed. It was andrew, that foo always comes waking me up knocking on my window. well i woke up and let him in and we watched tv for a while and downloaded some songs then i got dressed and we went to go eat pizza. I rode my bike and he rode on the back pegs and we went to Ares pizza down the street and had pizza damn it was greasy but good. Then after we rode to PL2 and i used my gold member status hahahaha only 1 bucks baby hhahaha we stayed there for like 2 hours and then rode back home. We went to my house and started making pieces and stuff on these postal stickers we made a grip. Well then my mom took us to Melrose and dropped us off and we whent shopping at Workmens and we bought like 5 tribal shirts and walked around Melrose and we stuck our stickers everywhere and we wrote on walls with streaks everywhere. We walked behind the alleys and saw all the graffity everywhere damn that shit was tight. Then we went to eat more pizza at some sicilian pizza place it was good 2. Then after my friends mom came and picked us up and we went home.

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